Welcome to my blog

Though I have very little free time, I have this fantasy of being like Martha Stewart — a perfectly groomed home, smiling children, a happy husband and a wonderfully delicious dinner put on the table each evening.

The reality is, I’m a single mom of a daughter with special needs, I work full-time in an office and the home I purchased in 2009 is anything but perfectly groomed. However, my desire to get domestic hasn’t waned. Though I’m nothing close to Martha Stewart, I’ve learned how to simplify everyday tasks to bring my domestic dreams a little closer to reality.

This blog is for all those mamas like me who don’t have time to slave over the stove, sewing machine or washer and dryer for hours on end, yet still want to be domestic divas. I will share tips and tricks on how I make the most of my precious free time and hopefully, you will share your ideas with me. Together, we will learn how to maximize our time and create the kind of homes we’ve always dreamed of!

Let’s get domestic!



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